Out and About at Happy Gigs

22 09 2017

Friday 8th Sept., 2017

Good gathering of ukers: Kent, Dave, Karen, Heather and John Mason, Terry, Irene, John L, Wendy, Leigh, Pam, Phil and Sandra. After enjoying a ‘Hangi’ meal – heaps and very tasty. We were treated to Islander cultural dance and song. Our turn came at the end of the presentations.
We sang up a bit of a storm including some songs with a ‘Pacific’ flavour. A really pleasant evening.

Thursday 7th September, 2017

One of the club members referred to us as “The Magnificent Seven”.

Seven Top Ukers: Donna, Jack, John, Jan, Ian, Dave and Leigh. We certainly stretched the repertoire.  Sang heaps of songs that we haven’t sung before.  Used the “Green Book” for a change.  All too good!  Thanks for turning up. Don’t ya just luv it? … John





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